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Make a Scrapbooking Christmas Tree

Fire up Inskcape.
From the bottom of the page, choose the Palette Tango Icons.
Click on the Stars and Polygons tool. A tool bar will appear at the top of the page. Choose 3 Corners, and a Spoke ratio of 0.500, leave the rest as is.
While holding down the shift key, draw a triangle and click on the darkest green of the Tango Icons Pelette to fill the triangle.
Now, click on the Create rectangles and Squares tool and make a vertical rectangle, fill it with the darkest hue of the orange colors (something of a rust), for now, put the rectangle to the side.
Click on the first triangle and duplicate it, place the second triangle on the side. Repeat that twice more, for a total of 4 triangles.
Drag the little square and place it under the first triangle. Click on the triangle to select it, then click again to show the rotating handles, rotate the triangle a little bit to the side as seen in the photos. Now drag another triangle under the previous triangle and click twice on it to reveal the rotating handles and rotate it a little in the opposite direction to the previous triangle. Repeat these two steps again. Now you have the “tree” shape. For the trunk, drag the little rectangle you already made to be covered by the edge of the triangle. To push it to the back, behind the edge of the triangle, click on the 9th tool at the top of the page to lower selection one step.

Now you have your tree. Let’s decorate it. Choose the Stars and Polygons tool again and make a star. Double click on it to rotate it to make it fit the top of the first triangle. Make it any color you like. Now, using the Ellipse tool, draw a small circle, with the circle selected, right-click on the stroke tool at the bottom of the page, below the palette, and by clicking the X button, turn off the stroke. Duplicate the circle and set the copy aside. Now, change the color to whatever you like and continue duplicating the circle and changing the color to make the ornaments to your liking. Now drag your ornaments to the tree and place them on the tree according to your taste. Now stroke with the mouse all over your work to select it all, go to object, Group, to join everything. Export as a Bitmap and save it to any folder you want your work in.


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