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Make a Cute Scrapbooking Tag in inkscape

A scrapbooker never has enough cute tags to add to their different embellished pages. Here's one you can make rather quickly and you can vary it in many ways as your imagination and your project might suggest.
Let's start!
►Fire up Inkscape.
►Select the Ellipse tool and create an oval approximately of the size you need the tag to be. From the bottom of the page, choose a color you want and click on it to give your circle that color.
►Right-click on Stroke, to up bring the little options list and choose Edit Stroke. When the Fill and Stroke Menu opens, click on the X on Stroke, to take out the stroke.
►Select the Rectangles and Squares tool and make a rectangle as wide as your oval is.
While the rectangle is selected, press on the Shift key and click on the oval to select both the oval and the rectangle, then go to Path, Difference, to use the rectangle to cut your oval in half and give you a nice tag.
Let's embellish our tag a bit.
►First let's make a drop shadow. Copy your tag, drag the copy so that it is positioned on top of the original. Click on the Palette to turn the copy to black. In the Fill and Stroke menu, move the Blur lever to 3.0 to blur the copy, then, at the top of the page, click on the 8th button from the left, to send the copy to the bottom. This will create the appearance of a drop shadow.
►Click on the star tool and make a medium size star of any color you like. Duplicate it until you have 8 of them and drag the duplicates to the side, making sure you don't deform them.
►Take the first star and drag it to the spot where you want it at the bottom of your tag, click on it and make it black, now burr it like you did with the tag itself. Drag one of the other stars and put it on top of the black star that would be its shadow, if it winds up at the bottom, don't worry, go to the top of the page and click on the 11th button to Raise Selection to Top (Home)
►Continue doing this until you have all your stars in place.
►Select everything with your mouse and go to Object, Group.
►Now, let's make some text for our tag.

►I chose to write Cute or What? You write what you would like. I used the Font Sproket BT, but you choose whichever you like best.
►Write you text in Black, duplicate it,move your duplicate to one side. Blur your original and position it in the tag where you want it to be.
►Now, make the duplicate of a contrasting color, only so that you can see it, and drag it to be on top of the blurred text. Now, change the color to white.
►Select everything again and go to Object, Group.
Export as a bitmap.


Now you can use it in your next scrap. Enjoy!

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