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Cute and Easy Journaling Block

This tutorial assumes you have Inkscape installed on your computer and that you understand at least the basics on how to use that free software. (Check out some of our previous tutorials to learn more on how to use it.) This is, nevertheless, a super easy tut, so might want to try it just to get a feel for the software and how to use it for your digital scrapbooking.
Let's get started.
►Fire up Inkscape.
►Click on the Create Circles tool. While holding the Ctrl key down, make a circle by moving your mouse over an empty space on the canvas. While your circle is still selected, choose a color you like from the color palette at the bottom of the page by clicking on the color. At the bottom of the page, below the Palette, right-click on Stroke.
►When the little menu appears, choose Edit Stroke, and when the Fill and Stroke dialog appears, click on the X to turn off the Stroke.
►Now, click on the tool Create Stars and Polygons. From the top of the page, choose Polygons and give it 5 corners. Draw one with your mouse. Make it the same color as your circle. While it is still selected, go to File, Duplicate. Drag the duplicate to one side, now drag the first pentagon to the top center of the circle. ►Now your circle looks like a drop of water. Click on the duplicate to select it, now on the top of the page, counting from left to right, choose the seventh button (flip selected objects vertically) and your second polygon will flip. Drag it to the bottom center of your circle, making sure it is flush with the edge and that the curve is smooth.
►Make another circle, as you did at the beginning. Give it the same color as the rest of your journaling block, take out the Stroke as before.
Now, make a rectangle and give it the same color and take out the stroke. Drag the rectangle so that it covers the bottom half of your new circle. While the rectangle is still selected, click on the Shift key and click on the new circle. Now both objects are selected. Go to Path, Intersection, so that the rectangle will cut the circle in half.
►Duplicated it. Now drag one of the half circles to the side of your block and center it.
Select the second half circle and from the top, click on the button Rotate selection 90ยบ clockwise, repeat it, if necessary, till you flip the half circle all the way to perfectly fit on the opposite side of your block. Select all the block with your mouse and go to Object, Group. Select it again and make a duplicate. Change the color to any color and drag to the center of the previous object. Select and drag in the corners to make it smaller. When you are happy with the size you have, change the object to White.
►Select everything again, and go to Object, Group.

You can leave it there, but let’s give it a nice drop shadow effect.
►Select your block again, copy and then paste. Make the copy Black by clicking on the Black color down at the bottom of the page while the copy is selected. Now, on the Fill and stroke dialog menu you will see a lever that is called Blur, move the lever a tiny bit, just to soften the edges of the Black copy into a nice blur. Click on the eight button at the top of the page, Lower selection to bottom. Select everything with your mouse again and go to Object, Group.
►Go to File, Export as a Bitmap (PNG) and you’re done!

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