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Cute Tag Line Button for Your Blog in Gimp

A tag line is a catchy phrase or short sentence that either describes you, your interests or what you're blog's all about. It is crucial if you have a business!

Here is how to make a cute but super easy tagline button.

This tutorial assumes that you have Gimp installed in your computer, and that you have some basic knowledge of Gimp and that you have made our previous tutorials.
Open Gimp.
Choose a file size convenient for you. Choose the Rectangle tool and make a square in a size you like. Click on the menu to give it rounded corners.
Select the bucket fill and pick a color you like. Fill the square with the color of your choice. Click on the toolbox and look for a color lighter than the color of your square. Choose the ellipse tool and make a circle that almost covers the whole square, except for the bottom corner.
Fill this circle with the lighter color and give it only a 50% transparency (choose transparency from the toolbox by moving the lever in the direction you want.)
Click on the text tool, chose the color black.
Write whatever tag line you like.
Click on the bucket tool. Fill it with a pattern of your choice by selecting pattern fill rather than a color fill.
Go to Layer, New Layer. Then go to Script-Fu and click on Bevel and Emboss.
Choose the following settings:
Style: Outer Bevel
Depth: 10
Direction: Up
Size: 5
Soften: 0
Angle: 120
Gloss Contour: Linear
Highlight Color: White
Shadow Color: Black
Shadow Opacity: 75.0
Surface Contour Linear
and leave the rest as is. Click OK.

Go to Layer, Merge Down.
Save as, Select File Type (By Extension) and save as a Png.
If you need a transparent background, open the file after you have saved it and go to Layer, Add transparency,
choose the fuzzy select tool and click on the background and holding the control key down, click X to delete the background. Save again as a PNG.

You can make a lovely presentation of what your blog is all about with a button like this one. Here is an example to give you an idea.

 Bible Universe, Come and See!

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