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Decorative Triangles Bar for Scrapbooking

This tutorial assumes that you have Inkscape installed on your computer and that you have at least a basic understanding
of how it works. Please refer to previous tutorials on this blog to learn the software a little bit.

♪ Fire up Inkscape.
♪ Click on the Create Stars and Polygons button and choose 3 corners to make a triangle, and a spoke ratio of 0.480, leave randomized alone.
♪ Now make a triangle by moving your mouse downward across the working area. Once you have your triangle, click on a green shade on the palette
at the bottom of the screen, just to fill your triangle. Now go to the Stroke (below the palette) and right click, when the little menu opens, choose Edit Stroke and click on the X on the menu that will open to take out the border.
♪ Now, in the same menu, click on the Stroke paint and where it says RGBA insert the following number: #9ACD32. This will turn your triangle to a pretty green.
Select your triangle and go to Edit, Copy, Paste. Click on the new item to select it and change its color to #3e8213f5, now, reduce it in size until it is about half of the size of the other one.
♪ Place it in the very center of the original triangle. While the smaller triangle is still selected, click on shift, and while holding it down, select the larger triangle as well. Now go Path, Difference. As you can see,
you just cut out the little triangle from the larger one. Click on your original triangle to select it and reduce it in size. Copy the triangle and paste it. Place the two triangles side by side so that they touch each other. Select them both and go to Object, Group. Now copy and paste as many times as you want to for your bar, placing the new triangles on a level with the others. Select them all and go to Object, Group.
♪ Click on the Circle tool. Make a small circle. Right-click on the Stroke to remove it. Change the color of your circle to match the color of your triangles. Copy your circle, Paste and drag into the middle of the first hollow triangle.
♪ Repeat with all the other triangles. Now Click on the Text Tool. Choose the Circle tool again and make a small circle, fill it with a contrasting green of your choice. Copy and Paste. Drag the new little circle to the center of the first circle inside the first triangle.
♪ Go to Object, then Align and Distribute, once the Menu opens, choose Center, to make sure your little circle is not off. Continue to drag copies of the little circle and place them in the center of the larger circle inside the triangle. Click on Center on Align and Distribute
to make sure they are all centered.
♪ Now select everything with your mouse and Go to Object, Group.
Export as a PNG bitmap.

Now you've got a simple but decorative bar to use for scrapbooking! It will look like this:

Play with different variations of this tutorial, use your imagination and creativity. Have fun with it, and then, apply your new bar to your next scrap project!


Pathlights. . .Worthwhile exploring!

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