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Digi Scrapping Cute Toys---Part 3

I love making toys that are bright colored, fun and cuddly. Easy to love, hold and cherish. Presenting them in an imaginative and creative way is also part of the fun, and scrapping them is the best to attain that.

This is Pansy, one of my Flowerumi Bears. They are called Flowerumi because flowers form their hair. They are all bears and they are all little girls. They come in all colors and, well, depending on the imagination, they are also scrapped differently. I scrapped Pansy mostly following a theme dictated by her colors.


The Love of God


  1. Whoowh... So lovely. Love the name Pansy. I want to thank you for commenting on my blog as i am still in my babyshoes (and learning hos to write in english). I'll be following you. Greatings, Caroline. :p

  2. You are so very welcome, Carolin! I wish you the best iwth your blog.