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How to Make Scrapbooking Papers in Gimp---Part 2

There are many, many filters and brushes for Gimp online. Most of them are free. You can Google to find them and install them in your computer.
They will allow you to make quite a bit of nice things with this software!

For another paper, click File New, and choose any size of paper you want. For the sake of expediency in photos, I will continue to choose 640 x 480.
Go to the Toolbox and click on the Foreground color, we will be choosing a lovely shade of pink, #EE3A8C. Now, click on the bucket fill tool and
fiull your paper with this pink color. Now go to Filters, Artistic, Clothify. When the menu opens, choose Blur X: 10, Blur Y: 10, leave the rest as is.
Click Ok. Now you have a textured paper! Save as a PNG file (to do this, choose Save As, then Select File Type by Extension and scroll down to PNG) and use as you want!

Here are some examples of scrapped pages that incorporate the paper made above into the design.

Your creativity is your only limitation! Enjoy!

God Loves You!

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