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How to Work on a Page

The most important thing to understand about scrapbooking is that it is worked in layers. Now, the problem is that most newbies do not understand how that is done. They get confused and frustrated and think they will never be able to make a single page and often, they give up!
Regardless of which software you use for your digital scrapbooking, the steps are the same.

What you need to understand is the order of placement.
Here is it:
Once you have decided to make your page and you have the photos you want to scrap picked out, and have decided on the colors, papers and elements you are gong to use, you need to begin to work IN ORDER.

1- Create your new document and lay down your paper or background.
2- Create a new layer and add a smaller piece of paper (a circle, a triangle, a star)
3- Create a new layer and add your photos
4- Create a new layer and add any frames or embellishments that go around your photos
5- Create a new layer and add a journaling tag
6- Create a new layer and add text to your journaling tag

Merge all your layers down and save!

It is as simple as that! Here is a page that was created following these steps.

Make sure that all your decorative elements and embellishments have a transparent background before you layer them together, so that you can stack them properly.

Let the colors in your photo or photos dictate some of the choices you make when it comes to colors, shapes, papers, elements and embellishments. Make it spontaneous and fun!


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