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How to Make a Cute Round Sticker in Gimp for Your Site or Scrapbooking

Fire up Gimp.
Create a new image, any size you like, mine is 640 x 400. Click on Advanced options and choose Transparent. Click OK.
Pick the Ellipse tool. Draw a circle.
Position 193 x 70
Size 262 x 244
Fixed Aspect ratio
Make sure Antialiasing is checked
Choose White as your Foreground color (#ffffff) and clicking on the bucket tool, fill the selection.
Now change the Foregound color to a nice red (#c40606)
Go to Select, Border, choose 5 pixels and click OK.
You will see a marching ants border, with the bucket tool, click inside that border and the color will be applied. If you
want it a bit thicker, click again. If you want to, add a drop shadow to your sticker, by going Filters, Light and Shadow,
Drop Shadow.
Go to Select and choose None.
Now go to Filters, Render GFig.
Once the menu opens, change the color of the stroke by clicking on it. We will choose a nice blue #0606c4, click OK.
Now in the GFig menu, choose Star (at the top of the menu), increase the sides to 5 and working in the image that appears in the
same GFig menu, make the star inside the sticker. Click close.
Go to Filters, Blut, Gaussian Blur and blur by 3.
Now change your Foreground color to Black or to #050606. Choose the text tool, select the font Rockwell Bold, size 35.
Click inside your stamp and write the words: A Cut Above.
Go to Layer, New Layer.
To make the text a bit fancier, change your Foreground color to #f6240d. Go to the text tool again but reduce the Rockwell Bold to 34.
Click on top of the letter A and begin writing the text again. With the mouse, move the selection into place so that it almost covers the black
letters, leaving a bit to be seen as a shadow.
Go to Filters, Blur, Gaussian Blur. Save as a PNG.

Experiment with your own colors and if you want, insert a small dingbat into your stamp. Give it color. Write a message on it. Have fun!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this very helpful post. It will easier for us to make cute round sticker in gimp. decals stickers

  2. You're most welcome, Katie! I'm learning these things and I share what I learn as I go. Glad you found it helpful!