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Caterpillar Decorative Journaling Tag

I just came up with this tag today. Never have seen a caterpillar tag, but this looks like a caterpillar to me, so the name stuck. Scrapbooking is a creative activity so something as fun as a caterpillar journaling tag or label is a natural!
Open Inkscape.
Choose the Ellipse or Circle tool, make a circle any size you want.
Select a color you like and fill it with it. Right click on stroke (below the palette at the bottom of your screen), when the menu opens,
choose Edit Stroke. Then when the new menu opens, click on the little "X", so that your circle will have no stroke. Close the menu.
Now duplicate your circle twice. Move the second circle to be just below the first circle, and a little bit into it, then repeat with the thrid circle.
Click on the first circle to select it, go to Path, Object to Path. Select the second circle, and go to Path, Object to Path, repeat with the Third Circle.
Now click on the select tool (the black arrow at the top of your vertical toolbox) and select all three objects. Now, with the tree circles selected, go to Object, Group.
Now, we have our caterpillar.
Go to File, Export Bitmap and give it the name Caterpillar Journaling Tag. It will export as a PNG file.

We can do a lot more things on Inkscape, but I want to do some things in Gimp.

Now open up Gimp.
Open the caterpillar image.
For your Foreground color, choose #e7b0b0
Choose the pencil tool and the size Circle 07
Now, holding the shift key down, click where you want the first line for the journaling to appear, stretch your line across the ball
that forms the head of the caterpillar and click to finish the line. Repeat as many times as you like.
Click on the Pencil tool again and choose a pencil size, then click on the eraser tool and make a hole at the top of the caterpillar
head. Now to to Script-Fu and choose Drop Shadow, apply it leaving the settings as is.

If you want to, go to Bevel and Emboss, and choose Inner Bevel, give it a Depth of 10, Direction Up, Size 10, then leave the rest as is. Click okay.
Export as a PNG again.
That is it!

Variation: You can use the bucket tool and fill your caterpillar with any texture that you like. There are thousands of free textures for Gimp online!

Everlasting Happiness

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