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How to Make Your Own Ric Rac in Gimp and Paint.Net

For a while, I have wanted to find a way to make my own ricrac for digital scrapbooking. None of the tutorials online (which are mainly for Photoshop,) worked, so providentially, I came upon a way of making my own ricrac.
If you want to use ricrac in your digital designs and have Gimp and Pint.Net installed on your computer, follow this simple tutorial and you can make your own.

First, fire up Gimp.
Open a new image (I chose 640 x 400 for my size because it is easy to open.) Choose a transparent background, so that your ricrac will be ready to use anywhere.
Now Choose a color you like. Click on the Paintbrush tool, and select the brush size Circle 19.
Click at the center top or your canvas and holding the shift button stroke downward with your mouse to crease a straight line. The release the shift key and mouse button to complete your line.
Now go to Filters, Distorts, Ripple.
Choose the following settings:
Options: Antialiasing
Orientation: Horizontal
Edges: Wrap
Wave Type: Sine
Period" 20
Amplitude: 5
Phase shift: 0
And click OK. You got your ricrac!
Save As, then Select File Type by Exension and pick PNG.

If you would like to have a bit more fun with your ricrac and you have Paint.Net installed on your computer and have downloaded their marvellous free Effects packages, open Paint.Net.
Now go to File, and open your saved image. Go to Effects, Ripple and play around with the ripples until you are happy.

For example, for the following ripple, I left the Amount at 1.00, but I chose 6.18 for my Ripple, a RipplePhase of 0.00 and an Angle of -45.00, a Highlight of 10, Edge Behaviour: Reflect, Quality: 2, and clicked OK.
It will give you a bit distorted but different ricrac. You can also fill your ricrac with a texture, as you saw on the first ricrac example, I filled the ricrac with a gingham check I have as a texture in Gimp, I also did one with a polka dot. You can play around with what you like or with what you think would best suit your project.

Experiment and have fun!

Bible Universe

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