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Make A Decorative Scrapbooking Ribbon Using Inkscape

Open Inkscape.
♦ Go to View, Grid.The grid will help you calculate things.
Click on the Rectangle tool and make a rectangle as long as you would like your ribbon to be and of a thickness that will cover 4 lines of grid squares.
♦Now, make a small circle using the ellipse tool. Change the color of your ribbon to whatever you want it to be and make the circle the same color. Make sure neither one has a stroke
by right-clicking the stroke at the bottom of the page and then choosing Edit Stroke and clicking on the X in the Fill and Stroke menu.
♦Now you will see how handy the grid is! Select the little circle you just made and copy it. Now, Go to Edit, paste and when the new circle appears, click on it and drag it to the edge of the ribbon you made.
Copy and paste again and, skipping 2 little squares of the grid, position your second circle, repeat along the line until you have formed a scallop edge.
♦Stroke with your mouse to select all your work and go to Object, Group. Now you can move around your ribbon and it won't fall apart. Now go to View and click on Grid again to deselect it.
Now you have your basic scallop, you can give it a gradient, you can give it a texture, you can do whatever you want with it to spice it up!

►One cute way in which you can spice it up is by choosing a color you like, then, before you start copying and pasting the little circles, click on the little circle to select it, make then, clicking on the 9th button at the top of the page, counting from the left, lower the object 1 step, so that the top of the circle will be beind the ribbon, then, withe the circle still selected,
right-click on the stroke at the bottom of the page, below the colors, when the first little menu appears, select the contrasting color you want for your stroke, right-click on stroke, then choose Edit stroke (with the circle still selected) click on stroke style and give your stroke a width of 10.000 and from the list of Dashes, choose one that suits your fancy, click on the little circle to make the dashes appear. Now add your scallops as before. they will have an edge of cute little dashes. Experiment all you want and have fun!

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  1. Wow it's really nice...Excellent work you did. I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post. Keep sharing more.

  2. Thank you! Glad you like it. It has many decorative possibilities in scrap pages. Hope you make it and enjoy using it!