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Playing with Ovals Part 4- Let's Make a Bow!

We're discovering how many embellishments can be designed just by learning to work with ovals! This time we will be baking a simple bow for the corners of photos.
►To start, fire up Inkscape.
►Select the Circle or Ellipse tool and while holding down the Ctrl key, create a circle by stroking with your mouse, give it an oval shape. Fill it with any color you prefer.
►Go to the bottom of the page and right-click on the Stroke and when the little menu opens, choose Edit Stroke and click on the X to take the stroke out. Select it by clicking the arrow a the top of sidebar, then copy it. Paste. Click on the copy and reduce its size.
►Drag it inside the previously made circle. Make sure that the smaller oval reaches almost to the edge of the original one. Then go to Object, Align and Distribute and Align the smaller Oval vertically and horizontally, so that it will really be in the middle of the previous oval.
►Now click on the original oval and while holding the shift key down, click on the smaller oval to select both of them, go to Path, and select Difference. You used the smaller oval to cut out the center of the larger oval and make it transparent. Copy the oval and paste the copy.
►Click on the first oval to select it and then right-click on it, so that the rotation arrows will appear. Rotate it a little bit sot hat it will have the position of the fold of a bow. Repeat with the second oval.
►With your mouse, drag the ovals and place them one next to another, to begin for form the shape of a bow.
►While the first oval is selected, click on the Edit Paths and Nodes tool (the one directly below the Arrow or Select tool) and some nodes will appear on the oval. Pull on the nodes that are on the sides of the oval to give the oval more of the shape of a bow loop. Repeat with the opposite oval.
►Select the Create Rectangles and Squares tool, and make a small narrow rectangle for the center of the bow. Give it the same color that you chose for the loops of the bow.
►Drag it to the center between the two loops of your bow.
Now, make two small, narrow rectangles, color them yellow or white, depending on the color you chose for your bow. Go to the Fill and Stroke menu and give them a blur of 34.9 and an opacity of 83.7 (all you have to do is to select the little square and while it is selected, move the levers in the Fill and Stroke menu.) Drag the "shine" rectangles to the top and the bottom of the center of your bow.
►With the Ellipse tool make a small circle. Take out the stroke, and make it a little lighter than the color you chose for your bow. Click on it to select it and with the mouse, draw it down to flatten it into almost a line.
►Click on it and then go to the Edit Paths and Nodes tool and once the nodes appear, manipulate the object until it is almost like a crescent shape.
►Give it a Blur of 24.1 and an Opacity of 91.3 and copy it. Now drag it into the lower portion of the first loop of your bow and position it where you like it best. Do the same with the copy, positioning it on the opposite loop of the bow.
►Select all of the bow with your mouse and go to Object, Group.
►Finally, copy your bow, paste. Drag to one side, change the color to a darker shade. In my case, I gave it a maroon color. Now go to the Fill and Stroke menu and give it a blur of 7.1, which will make it look like a drop shadow. Now drag it and position it on top of your bow.
► On the top of the page, click on the 8th button, to lower selection to bottom. Now the darker, blurred bow is at the bottom of your bow and appears like a drop shadow.
You're done! You can play with this until you have a bow that you can add to your nest digi scrapping project. You can add a texture or a gradient, you can work with it until you really like it.

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