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Scalloped Scrapbooking Tag

Tags are very useful to write your sentiment onto your scrapped pages, for journaling, even for writing special dates such as anniversaries, birthdays, etc, with a remark about what makes them special. This is a lovely tag which you can also modify in many ways, by using textures, patterns, and in many other ways.
Note- If you're not a digital scrapbooker, but do regular scrapping, you can still use this pretty tag. Follow the tutorial, and then use your cutter to get your tag and add it to your next project!

This tutorial assumes that you have Inkscape installed on your computer.
Even though, this tutorial is very simple, if you have never used the software before, maybe you could make some of our previous tutorials, just to get your feet wet and understand the software a little bit before tackling this one. Or you could watch some free videos on Inkscape, there are many online.

Let's make our tag:
►Fire up Inkscape.
►Click o n the Ellipse tool and while you hold the Ctrl key down, make a circle, pick any color you like.
At the bottom of the page, right-click on Stroke, and when the little menu pops up, choose Edit Stroke, then click on the X to take out the stroke line around the circle that you just made.
►Now select the Text tool. Make a Capital "O" using the font Rockwell Extra Bold, and enlarge it a little bit. Make it the same color as the circle you made before. Click on it, and draf it to the circle, and position it in such a way that that about half of the "O" is lost in the circle and the other half protudes like a scallop out of the circle. While it is selected, go to Object and then click on Select to Top.
►While the "O" is still selected, press down on the Shift key and while holding it down, click on the circle to select it as well. Now go to Path, Object to Path. Then go to Extensions, Generate From Path, Pattern Along a Path.
►When the menu opens, choose as follows:
Copies of the Pattern: Repeated, Stretched
Deformation type: Snake
And all the other settings must be 0.0, except for the first one, Space between Copies, which you set to 0.5.
Hit Apply.
►Now you have a scalloped circle. Close the little menu.
►With your mouse, select the circle and all the "Os" around it, and go to Object, Group. Now you can move the circle without it falling apart on you.
►While it is selected, duplicate it 3 times so that you have 4 of them.
►Choose the Rectangle tool and draw a rectangle.
►Choose to make it White and make the stroke color the exact same color of your scalloped circles.
►Give it a stroke of about 40.00 (in other words, make it a bit thick)
►Position the scalloped circles the way you see them in the photos.
►Then select everything and go to Object group. Save as a PNG.
Note- Remember, for the effect to work right, you must have both the circles, the scalloped edges and the border or stroke of the box that forms the tag, all of the same color.
I chose a peach, the color is f9ac62, just in case you want to make it the same color.
If you would like to give it a drop shadow effect, just copy your tag with the scallops before you save it, turn everything black, give it a little blur and position it on top of your tag and send it to the back.
Or you can just drag the other on top of it, whichever you prefer. Save as a PNG.

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