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A Flower for Mom

This is a cute motif you can use for a digi card for mom or even for a birthday card.

►Fire up Inkscape.
►Select the Rectangle tool. Make a narrow rectangle, about the size you would like for the petal of a flower.
Click on it and while it is selected, give it the color you want from the palette below. Right click on the Stroke below the palette and when the
little menu appears, choose Edit Stroke and when the Fill and Stroke menu appears, click on the X to get rid of the Stroke.
►While the rectangle is still selected, go to Path. Object to Path. Now, click on the Nodes tool that is just below the Select tool's Arrow.
►Now, click on the image to bring out the nodes. Holding down the Shift key, pull gently on the center of the lower part of the rectangle to give it a rounded end.
While holding the CTRL key down, make a circle, give it any color you like and take out the Stroke as you did for the petals.
►Copy the circle and paste it to one side, and while holding down the CTRL key again, make it smaller than the first circle, duplicate it. Give the duplicate a dark gray color, like the color of a shadow.
Select the "shadow circle. Now go to Object, Align and Distribute and click on the 3rd button on the top and on the 3rd button on the row below to align the smaller circle perfectly int he center of the larger one. Now Select the other smaller circle. Give it a lighter color. And reduce it a little bir in size. Drag it to be at the center of the shadow. It will appear on the bottom, to bring it to the top, click at the top of the page on the button that says Raise to Top (the 11th button from counting from the left.) Click on the petal and while selected, duplicate it 5 times for a total of 6 petals.
►Click on the first petal to select it, and then click again so that the rotation arrows will appear, grab the petal by one of the arrows and rotate it in the way you want the petal to go.
►Click again and drag it to where the circle is that you made first. Now go to the top of the page and click on the button that says Lower Selection to Bottom (the 8th button at the top, counting from the left.)
Repeat this process, arranging the petals according to your personal taste. When you're done, make a small circle, give it the same color as the larger circle at the center of your flower.
But make it small enough that it could be a fun polka dot. Duplicate it, and drag the duplicates to the petals, distributing them as polka dots, in the way you find most pleasing to your personal taste, making sure
you do not distort nor enlarge the polka dots as you drag them.
►When you're happy with what you have, select everything with your mouse and go to Object, Group. Now it will not fall apart when you move it.
►Make another circle. Take out the Stroke as before. Drag it into the center of the flower. While selected, give it the color White. Go to Path, Object to Path. Click on the Nodes tool, and curve it in a way that pleases you, somewhat like a half moon.
►Duplicate it. Drag the duplicate a little below the first one. Flip it by clicking on the 7th button at the top of the page. While you have the first half moon selected, go to the Fill and Stroke little menu and move the lever of the Blur until you blur it to your liking, this will be the first "shine" spot. Drag the other half moon to where you would like to see it and do the same. (I blurred it to 36.3, but you can do whatever you like.)
Select everything again, and group it as before.
►Copy the whole thing, paste to the side, give it a dark gray color of your liking and blur it to 7.1. Drag it to be on top of your flower, and then click on the button to send it to the bottom, this will act as a drop shadow.
►Select all, and go to Object, Group.
►Go to File, Export Bitmap and save your flower.
Note- I used WebHex for my color palette, just inc ase you like the colors.


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