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Pearls Embellishment Bar

You can do lots of things with this, after you have completed this tutorial, experiment on your own . You can do picture corners, photo frames, even put this pattern inside of text. For now, let us make a simple bar that will give you the basic tools on how to make a pearl-like texture.

Fire up Gimp.
Create a new image 400 x 600 pxls
Select the Ellipse or Circle Tool and draw a circle. Choose the Gradient Tool and from the Gradient Menu, pick Cool Steel, make the shape Conical (Sym), and click on Dithering and on Adaptive Supersampling.
Make you gradient by stroking with your mouse from the top of your circle down.
Go to Select, Grow and grow your circle by 4 pxls.
Change the Foreground color to #10adef and the Background color to #105ff1
Got o the Toolbox and select the Blend or Gradient Tool again, this time, change the Gradient to FG to BG (RGB), change the direction to Linear, and give it an opacity of 18.0.
Make your gradient over the previous circle you had made. Turn the Background transparent by doing the following, go to Layer, Transparency, Add Alpha Channel. Then, choose the little wand that is the 4th tool at the top of the toolbox, click the background with it and then hit, Ctrl + X.
Then go to Select, None.
Pick the Rectangle Select Tool and make a square around your circle that barely encases the circle, leaving as much of the transparent background out as you can. Go to Image, Crop to Selection.
Now go to image, Scale Image and scale it down to 40 x 40.
Now, go to File, New and make an image that is 100 x 100 pxls.
Again to Layer, Transparency, Add Alpha Channel and with the Fuzzy select that you used before, click on the new 100x 100 pxls image. Click on Xtrl +x to make it transparent.
Go back to your circle and while it is selected, choose Pattern Fill, Clipboard (the white square at the top, when you pull down the little pattern fill menu).
Go to Select, ALL, then Edit, Copy.
Create a new image of the size you want your pearl embellishment bar to be. If you have done the steps right, it will come up of a dark blue color (one of the shades in the Cool Steel gradient) now, select the Bucket Tool and click your new image again.
It will fill up with the pearls.
Save as a PNG and use.

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