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Button with Bling for Your Scrapbooking Photos

Skip the usual way of embellishing the corners of a photo and use this button with a little bit of bling to it!

This tutorial assumes that you have Gimp installed on your computer and that you understand at least the basics so that you can follow the directions of the tutorial.
►Fire up Gimp.
Make a New Image going to File, New. Choose the size you want, click on Advanced Options and choose a Transparent Background.
Pick the Ellipse or Circle tool and draw a circle inside your selection. Give it a size of 250 pixels x 256 pixels (you can type those numbers in the toolbox of the Ellipse Select you have currently active.)
Click on the Foreground color and when the menu opens, change it to Black. Using the Bucket Tool, fill your Circle with Black. Go to Select, Shrink, and shrink your selection by 10 pixels (you will have now a circle with a Black Border.)
►Go to Layer, New Layer. Change your Foreground color to White. Fill your new selection with White using the Bucket tool.

While the new White circle is still selected, go to Filters, Artistic, Cubism, and select the following settings:
Tile size: 1.3, and Tile saturation: 2.4, leave rest as is and click OK. Now you have some Bling around your Black edge. Go to Select, Shrink, and shrink the selection by 30 pixels.
►Go to Layer, New Layer. On the Toolbox, Choose the Gradient or Blend tool and make sure it is set to Linear Shape, then, clicking on the Gradient color, scroll down to Golden. Fill your little center with it by making a straight down stroke with your mouse. Now go to Select, Shrink, and shrink the selection by 20 pixels, that is to give a golden border to our gem. Again, go to Layer, New Layer. Then, click on the Foreground color and change it to #f30a0a, a rich red. Then click on the Background and change it to #750001, a deep maroon. Now pick the Gradient or Blend Tool and tick on Adaptive Supersampling and for the Shape, choose Radial.
►In the Gradient color, choose FG to BG (RGB) now, draw the gradient from top to bottom of your circle.
Now Change the Foreground color to #ffffd9, and select the paintbrush tool, from the different brushes, select the brush Fuzzy Select 17, drag the lever of Opacity to 55.0 and the lever of Scale to 5.00 and click twice on the upper left of our gem. Choose Select None. Go to Layer, Merge Down.
Then, File, Save As, and choose Select File Type (By Extension) and save as a PNG.

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