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Nice and Very Easy Digital Scrapbooking Tag on Gimp

This is a very easy but good-looking tag that you can make in a few minutes to embellish any page you want to write something on.
This tutorial assumes that you have Gimp installed on your computer (it is a free software)
Let's get started.
►Fire up Gimp.
►Create a new image by choosing File, New. (Any size will do.)
►Choose any color you like, I happened to choose blue, because that color matched the photo I was going to use with the tag.
For your Foreground color you can choose any color that will look well with your photo or photos. Only choose a shade of that color that you can write against and that will not make your text hard to read.
Make sure you have a contrasting color for your Background color (I chose White, it could also be a much lighter shade of the Foreground color.)
Choose the Bucket tool and fill your New Image with the Foreground color. Now go to Select, All.
Once you have the marching ants going around your image, which means it is selected, go to Select, Border and create a Border around your Image of 10 pxls.
Change your Foreground color to a darker shade of the color you filled with the Image with and using the Bucket tool, fill the Border with the new color.
Go to Filters, Artistic, Cubism. When the little menu opens, choose the following settings:
Tile Size: 9.0
Tile Saturation: 2.0
and click OK. Go to Select, None.

This is what your tag will now look like:

Save as a PNG to use on your next project.

Your new tag is done! Now you can add it to any of your scrapbooking pages.

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