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Red and Gold Decorative Photo Corner for Your Scrapbooking

Let's make a pretty photo corner to embellish a photo on a digi scrapping project! One of the things that gives a finished touch to your scrapbooking are the details that you use to give them a finished touch. Something as simple as photo corners can make a world of difference when it comes to giving a page a lovely, polished look. In this tutorial, we'll learn how to easily make some of those corners using Gimp.

This tutorial assumes that you have Gimp (a free software) installed on your computer.
►Fire up Gimp.
►Go to File, New and create a new image of whatever size you like. I made mine 600 x 400 pxl.
►Click on Advanced options, and choose transparency. Click OK.
►Click on the Rectangle Select Tool and make a rectangle with the following settings (type them on your Toolbox):
Position: 90 x 58 pxl
Size: 309 x 65 pxl
►Go to Layer, New Layer, and then, change the Foreground color to White and using the Bucket Tool, fill your selection with the color.
►Then, go to Edit, Copy, Paste. Then, click on the Move tool (tool #12 on the first row of tools on your Toolbox) and move the new copy down to separate the two pieces of your photo corner.
select the Rotate tool from the Toolbox (the first tool of the second row) and when the menu opens, just click on your new selection and rotate it into a vertical position, then click Rotate in the little menu. It will become a vertical bar. Now, on the Toolbox, pick the Move Selection and position it so that they meet and form the picture corner that you want. Make sure that the new bar's edges fall inside the top bar, in other words, that the edges are even. Click anywhere inside the horizontal bar to anchor the new joint.
►Now go to the Layers, Channels, Paths, Undo -Brushes, Patterns, Gradients Menu and click on the layer that has your corner on it to select it (it should be the top one) to select it, now right click,
and when the drop down menu opens, click on Alpha to Selection. Marching ants will appear that will indicate your selection is active.
►Make sure to reset your Foreground and Background colors to Black and White, Black the Foreground and White the Background.
►Go to Filters, Render, Clouds, Difference Clouds, and click OK. Now Go to Filters, Noise, RGB Noise, click OK. Now go to Colors, Desaturate. (Make sure Lightness is selected) and click OK.
►Go to Colors, Colorize, and move the levers to the following settings: Hue: 47, Saturation: 50 Lightness: 23 and click OK.
Go to Select, Shrink, and shrink by 10 pxls. Go to Layer, New Layer.
Select the Bucket tool and click on Patterns, scroll down and pick Frosty Crystal. Fill the new selection with it.
►Go to Colors, Colorize and choose the following settings: Hue: 360, Saturation: 55, Lightness: 0 and click Ok

You can leave it as is or you can put a little gem on it.

►Choose the Ellipse Select tool and make a circle that fits inside your corner frame. If it is not perfectly placed. don't worry, just click on the Move tool and Move the layer to position your circle where you need it.
►Click on the Blend or Gradient Tool and select Golden. But before filling your new circle, go to Layer, New Layer. Make sure your gradient is Linear and just make a long stroke with your mouse across your circle to fill it with gold.
►Now Go to Select, Shrink and Shrink it by 8 pxls. Go to Layer, new Layer. Change your Foreground color to this shade of Red: #f32c2c, and using the Bucket tool, fill your new selection with red.
►Change your Foreground color to Yellow. I used #fceb5c, but you can use any yellow you like.  Click on the Bursh tool and scroll down the menu, pick the brush tool and choose the brush Circle Fuzzy 19, move the lever of the Scale to 2.28.
►Click twice on the top side of your "gem" to give it a little light.
►Go to Select, None.
►Save as PNG.

You've got a new decorative corner for your photos!

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