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Another Simple Flower Embellishment for a Beginner

When you are starting to use a software that has as much potential as inkscape, you feel elated when you can create something, let alone a nice looking embellishment! So, to keep your creative juices flowing, here is a very simple to make embellishment you can try on your own and transform into many other pretty flowers!

Open Inkscape. Select Star.
Make sure the following are selected at the top of the page:
Corners (that will determine how many petals your flower will have), for this tutorial we will select 8.
Spoke ratio: 0.500
Rounded: 0.000
Choose the color Yellow.
Now, go Path, and Choose Dynamic Offset. A little node will appear on one of the star's spokes. Pull on that node to make the star fatter and more into the shape of a flower.
Now go to Path, then object to Path. Now go to circles, ellipses, and draw a circle while you hold the Ctrl button down. Give it a red color (it will look orangey over the yellow flower.)
Drag it to the center of your flower. Go to Object, then choose Align and Distribute, and look for the position that will align your circles vertically and horizontally in the center of the flower. Click and close the dialog box. Make a second, smaller circle while dragging the Ctrl key down so that it willnot be an oval. Make a little draker than the first one. Click on the slect arrow and drag it to the center of the flower. Go to Object, then choose Align and Distribute and look again for the position that will align your circle vertically and horizontally in the center of the flower. Close the dialog box. Click on the smaller circle at the center of the flower and choose
Filters, Ridges, Metallized Ridge. Now with the ink pen tool make a swirly line in red. Copy it. Now click on it to select it, and click again to move it and to position it on the first petal of the flower. Now click outside the flower and paste, to produce
the worly line again, click twice on it to bring up the rotating handles and turn it to the position it should go for the second petal of the flower. Choose the select tool and move it to where it goes, repeat this process for every petal. Now choose the
first line, and with it selected, go to Filters, Shadows and Glows, then Cutout Glow, repeat with all the lines. Now Select the whole flower. Go to Path, then Union. Then save.

The Wonderful Love of God

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