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Easy Inskcape Ribbon:

There are different ways of making a ribbon in Inkscape, but for a beginner, I found an easy one that will give you satisfying results. you must tinker with it till you get it to work the way you want it to, to suit your particular taste and creativity.

The steps are pretty simple and you can learn them very quickly. To make this ribbon, choose the pen drawing tool. Choose a color you like, I decided to pick a pretty aqua in the basic palette.
At the top of the page, choose the following settings: Width: 38; Thinning: 100; Angle: 30; Fixation: 90; Caps:0.00

Then draw a ribbon. With Selecting tool, select your ribbon. Then go to Filters, Blus, Cross-Smooth. Then Filters, Color, Fluorescence.
Then Go to Filters, Materials, Metallized Paint. That's it, you've got a very easy ribbon for any digi scrapbooking project you might have.

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