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A Simple Flower Embellishment

Sometimes, simple is the best. We are now going to make a very simple flower that you can use in a grouping in any digi scrap project you're making.

Open Inkscape. Choose triangle (make sure triangle is also chosen at the top of the page).
For first flower, choose 7 corners, spoke ratio: 0.0500. Rounded 0.000. Randomized: 0.000
Now, go Path, and Choose Dynamic Offset. A little node will appear on one of the star's spokes. Pull on that node to make the star fatter and more into the shape of a flower.
Color, a dark pink. Choose the drawing tool and with the stroke in black and the color in dark pink, thick make lines. Once you have them all around the spokes. If you need to, click twice on the lines to bring up the rotation arrows and position the lines in a more natural direction. Now go to circles, ellipses, and while holding the Ctrl key down, draw a circle. Make the color orange. Drag it to the center of the flower. Make another circle, make this one smaller and a medium yellow. Position it in the center of the flower. Now go to the spirals tool and draw a spiral on top of the smaller circle, now go to Filters, Scatter and Air Spray. Then go to Path, and select Union, to unite the pieces into one single flower. Then save.

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