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Amber and Gold Button or Brad

This one is really easy to make and pretty too! You will be working only on Gimp, so if you have not installed the software, begin by installing it, it's free.
Open Gimp
Create a new File, size 640 x 480 or any size you like.
Go to the Toolbox and click on the round Ellipse Selection tool and draw a circle.
Click on the Gradient or Blend Tool. Scroll on the Blend Menu options and select Brown Gloss for your Gradient.
Choose Linear, Dithering, and 100% Opacity. Make your gradient fill with the stroke of your mouse downward.
Go to Layer, New Layer. Go to Select, Shrink, and when the menu opens, shrink the new selection by 10 pxls.
Return to the Gradient or Blend menu and choose a new Gradient: Gold. Stroke with the Mouse to fill in the new selection
with the gradient.
Go to Script-Fi, Color Overlay. When the menu opens, click on Color and choose the following Hex number: ff3131; Blending Mode: Soft Light, click OK. Let it render.
Return to Script-Fu, Layer Effects, and choose Bevel and Emboss. When the menu opens, make the following selections:
Style: Pillow Emboss. Direction: Up. Size: 10. Gloss Contour: Linear. Leave rest as is. Click OK.
Go to Filters, Light and Shadow, Drop Shadow, Offset X: 8, Offset Y: 8, Blur Radius: 15, Opacity: 80, leave rest as is.
Go to the Toolbox, and change your Foreground color to White. Click on the Brush tool and choose the brush Circle Fuzzy (19), and leave all other settings as is.
Click on the lower side of the button to make a glow spot. Go to Script-Fu, Layer Effects, Inner Glow.
Go to Filters, Light and Shadow, Drop Shadow.
Go to Filters, Blur, Gaussian Blur and only blur to 2 pxls.

Save as, Select file by Extension, and save as a PNG image.


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(You are more special than you think!)

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